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The USS Batfish SS-310

The famed submarine was a powerful U.S. weapon during World War II. Named for a ferocious West Indian fish, the Batfish sank 15 Japanese vessels during the war, among them three submarines in just 76 hours. The latter accomplishment has not since been matched and U.S.S. Batfish to this day remains the most successful submarine killing sub in history


The USS Batfish (SS-310) is a balao class submarine, the second class of fleet submarine introduced during World War II. The United States Navy designed the Balao Class to replace the older Gato Class. In comparison to the Gato class, the Balao class could dive much deeper due to its increase hull thickness (7/8 of an inch compared to the Gato’s 9/16).

 Construction started on the USS Batfish on December 27, 1942. By May 1943, the United States Navy Launched the USS Batfish under the sponsorship of Nellie W. Fortier. Nellie W. Fortier

Following the launch, the United States Navy commissioned the USS Batfish on August 21, 1943. Lieutenant Commander Wayne R. Merrill, USN, assumed command of the Batfishlaunching.                                                                                                                        




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