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The Muskogee War Memorial – Home of the USS Batfish – is one of Muskogee’s most unique attractions. The park contains an actual World War II submarine, the Batfish, responsible for sinking three enemy submarines and eleven other enemy vessels during World War II. As a result of this record, the Batfish and her crew were highly decorated with nine Battle Stars, one Navy Cross, four Silver Stars, ten Bronze Stars, and a Presidential Unit Citation.

Visitors to the Muskogee War Memorial Park can step inside the submarine and explore World War II history by walking through torpedo rooms, crew cabins, and other critical areas of the submarine. Besides the USS Batfish, the park also contains a self propelled howitzer, cannons, missiles, and other military artifacts for view.

While exploring the depths of World War II history, visits can reflect upon the 52 Monument, a series of plaques dedicated to each submarine the United States lost during World War II.

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Formed just one year after the USS Batfish's arrival, the Muskogee War Memorial Park contains over 8 acres dedicated to the preservation of American Military History.



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Military & Peacetime Artifacts

From Civil War to Modern Day

The Muskogee War Memorial Park museum contains over 4,000 artifacts dedicated to the USS Batfish, military history, and Muskogee history. From special events to traveling exhibitions, the Muskogee War Memorial Park offers a wide variety of educational opportunities.



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The USS Batfish makes an excellent backdrop for a festive party! From wine parties to 10 year old birthday parties, the Muskogee War Memorial Park offers 9 acres of area to set up and entertain your guests.

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U.S.S. Batfish

War Heroes

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The USS Batfish SS-310

The famed submarine was a powerful U.S. weapon during World War II. Named for a ferocious West Indian fish, the Batfish sank 15 Japanese vessels during the war, among them three submarines in just 76 hours. The latter accomplishment has not since been matched and U.S.S. Batfish to this day remains the most successful submarine killing sub in history


The USS Batfish (SS-310) is a balao class submarine, the second class of fleet submarine introduced during World War II. The United States Navy designed the Balao Class to replace the older Gato Class. In comparison to the Gato class, the Balao class could dive much deeper due to its increase hull thickness (7/8 of an inch compared to the Gato’s 9/16).

 Construction started on the USS Batfish on December 27, 1942. By May 1943, the United States Navy Launched the USS Batfish under the sponsorship of Nellie W. Fortier. Nellie W. Fortier

Following the launch, the United States Navy commissioned the USS Batfish on August 21, 1943. Lieutenant Commander Wayne R. Merrill, USN, assumed command of the Batfishlaunching.                                                                                                                        




For detailed information on the Batfish’s history and its service during World War II and beyond, please visit our sister site: USS BATFISH.COM

How Did A Submarine End Up in Oklahoma?

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The Mast Comes to Oklahoma

Bringing the Mast to Muskogee

“All I could think of were my best friends, some of them I lost.”

William Hendley.





Once considered a titan of the sea, the USS Oklahoma (BB-37) was transferred to Pearl Harbor in 1940 for crew training and exercises. Present on the morning of December 7th, the USS Oklahoma erupted  with chaos as five Japanese torpedoes struck the mighty steel fortress.

In 1943, the United States Navy started a process to salvage and attempt to repair the USS Oklahoma.




While the USS Oklahoma broke free in transit between Hawaii and San Francisco in 1947, the Navy located a new piece of the fire control tower support during a dredging operation.

Thanks to a three-year, multi-group effort, the United States Navy agreed to loan the mast to the Muskogee War Memorial Park. In 2010, the mast came home to Oklahoma by way of Tinker Airforce Base.