The Mast Comes to Oklahoma

Bringing the Mast to Muskogee

“All I could think of were my best friends, some of them I lost.”

William Hendley.





Once considered a titan of the sea, the USS Oklahoma (BB-37) was transferred to Pearl Harbor in 1940 for crew training and exercises. Present on the morning of December 7th, the USS Oklahoma erupted  with chaos as five Japanese torpedoes struck the mighty steel fortress.

In 1943, the United States Navy started a process to salvage and attempt to repair the USS Oklahoma.




While the USS Oklahoma broke free in transit between Hawaii and San Francisco in 1947, the Navy located a new piece of the fire control tower support during a dredging operation.

Thanks to a three-year, multi-group effort, the United States Navy agreed to loan the mast to the Muskogee War Memorial Park. In 2010, the mast came home to Oklahoma by way of Tinker Airforce Base.