June 3rd – July 1st Invasión Yanqui

June 3rd – July 1st Invasión Yanqui

The Muskogee War Memorial Park is Proud to Announce!

Invasión Yanqui: The U.S.-Mexican War

June 3rd – July 1st

In 1846, Mexico and the United States went to war over territory that covered a half-million square miles. The outcome of this war determined the size, shape, and wealth of the two nations and marked the beginning of a unique Mexican American culture.


Invasión Yanqui: The U.S.-Mexican War, 1846–1848 uses paintings, lithographs, sketches, letters, diaries, sheet music, print documents, and artifacts from museums and libraries in both the United States and Mexico to narrate the story of the often overlooked U.S.-Mexican War. Panel topics include:

  • Victorious entry into Mexico City
  • U.S. election of 1844
  • First skirmishes
  • Theater of operations
  • The war in New Mexico, California, and northern Mexico
  • Santa Anna
  • Generals and politics
  • Changing opinions of the war
  • Landing in Vera Cruz
  • Battles in central Mexico
  • Chapultepec and the capital
  • Fruits of victory

Invasión Yanqui is an exhibition by Humanities Texas, the state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.


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