Walk of Honor – Purchase a Brick!

Purchase a brick for our Walk of Honor!

Conceived in 1994, the Walk of Honor was designed to honor veterans from all services at the Muskogee War Memorial Park.Walk of Honor - Only at the Muskogee War Memorial Park: Home of the USS Batfish

What better gift, than to memorialize the veterans in your life?

Proceeds raise money to continually expand the monument.

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Number of Bricks 4 x 8

Number of Bricks 12 x 12


1st Brick – $100     |     2nd Brick – $75     |     Every Brick After: $50

Please contact us at info@warmemorialpark.org or 918.682.6294 for more information.

Donate to the Muskogee War Memorial Park

Dive – Dive – Donate?
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Maintaining such a large collection, including a World War II submarine is expensive! We are always looking for donations, be it financial, labor, or assisting us by just spreading the word about our wonderful park!

What Do We Do?

Here at the Muskogee War Memorial Park: Home of the USS Batfish, we pride ourselves in preserving history and sharing stories with our patrons. We dedicate ourselves to the preservation of a World War II submarine, wartime artifacts, and the legacy of those who serve the United States.  Many people donate their time around the USS Batfish

With nearly 20,000 people coming through our park per year, we are presented with many different opportunities to educate. Sometimes through tours where we explain the conditions that brave submariners faced during World War II. Other times, our overnight programs offer guests  a way to experience a once-in-a lifetime stay.


Not Just A Come & Look Experience

  • Did you know that we serve as a training location for the United States Navy Sea Cadet Program?

The Sea Cadets program inspires youth to learn about naval traditions, but also provides guidance and discipline for the next generation of United States sailors.Donating can be in the form of painting, laboring, or financially. We love the help!


The Sea Cadets stay on average 20 days per year at the Muskogee War Memorial Park.



Let Us Show You The Past

Events allow us to educate the public and preserve the history for the next generation. Please donate so that we can continue our mission.

Travel back in time at one of our many special events that feature living history! 


Volunteers come in all different forms at the Muskogee War Memorial Park. Be it Boy Scouts looking to serve their community or seniors looking to stay involved!

Volunteers loving the Muskogee War Memorial Park: Home of the USS Batfish Learning is key and fun!




Most of All… We Honor Those Who Have, Will, and Continue to Serve the United States.

Honoring the brave men who keep us free.Honoring those who served.


Artifact Donations

Artifact Donations

Our Mission:

The Muskogee War Memorial Park operates programs that allow the organization to continue to preserve and educate the future about the role of the United States and Oklahoma in military history.

Our Scope:

Our collection scope is directed towards artifacts that represent the American and Oklahoman military experience during history.

We are always looking for objects to add to our collection.

Depending on the donor, objects may be donated or loaned for a set period of time. Our archives & artifact room has been designed with American Alliance of Museum standards in mind to preserve objects to our best ability.

Please contact info@warmemorialpark.org for more information.





The Muskogee War Memorial Park is always looking for sponsors!

Multiple options for sponsorship exist:

Sections of the Muskogee War Memorial Park Interpretation Center

Events at the Muskogee War Memorial Park

Construction of external monuments and structures around the park.

Some of our sponsors in the past!

our sponsors at the Muskogee War Memorial Park